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Interesting World we have created

It is truly fascinating this World we have created. And please remember that we create/re-create this world through our actions and inactions.

We get up every morning and say goodbye to those we love so we can go be with other people and work at a job. We spend 8 hours (or more) each and every day working with these other people. We form relationships within this artificial world.

Meanwhile, the people that we chose to have in our lives are at home or off at their own jobs for 8 hours or more per day; away from us and our love to earn money to allow us to get things, some completely required like food, fuel and shelter.

We know that time is precious and at any moment we could lose what little time we have with those we love and yet we create a World that separates us from those loved ones. Worse we still have high risk jobs whose very nature could shorten our time together.

We cover this loss, to some extent, by taking pride (real or imagined) in the work we do but at the end of each day we still lost time with our loved ones. Time we will never be able to get back.

Is there a better way? Is there another way that would allow us to need less work and give us more time with loved ones?

Take a look at and see what projects are currently looking for funding that would help. One such project that I saw would replace roadways with solar cells. What would lower electrical costs and lower fuel costs mean to you? What if his could provide clean and cheap electricity to light and heat every home? What would lower emissions mean to the environment and those with breathing problems? What would the proposed early warnings right in the roadway mean to the safety of us and our loved ones while travelling those roads?

There is no magic bullet, no Star Trek fueled replication technology which would allow us all to do the things we want to do without the concern for money, yet. But perhaps, with enough innovative people out there, maybe, just maybe, we can weave a new World and spend time where it matters most, with those we love.

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