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Time to Look Around

So here we are at warm weather, at least today. The snows have gone and the beauty that they covered is once more revealed. Trees are regaining their leaves. Flowers are bursting up from the ground. Birds and small animals which we have not seen for a while are around again busy making preparations for the coming year. But are you really seeing all the beauty around you? Are there things you are taking for granted?

For the parents out there, have you noticed how amazing your children are? We have such a short time to try to prepare them for the world they will face. We try to do right by them and prepare them but we can't prepare them for everything they will face. Then the day comes when everything that they learned from us is put to the test. Have you looked at how well they are doing? We had the gift of raising them for such a short time, look at them now. There they are, facing some of the same challenges that we did and facing challenges that we never did.

If you are blessed enough to still be raising your child, have you realized how far they have come? From this small helpless person through standing on their own, walking, talking and all the little triumphs they have had. Do you really see them and how wonderful they are? Do you remember the time before you had them and everything they have brought into your life?

What about your parents? Are they still with you? Think of all they have done for you, all they things they have had to survive in their own lives. The magic that brought them together and gave them you. Do you see them and how they are now? Do you remember them while you were growing up? How amazing that you came to be.

When you come home are there any little creatures who greet you? You are their life and they wait patiently for you to come and spend time with them. Do you see how amazing that is? They ask for so little and give back so much. Here is this wonderful creation greeting you (or if it is a cat, possibly ignoring you :) ) when you come home. You are their world and they rely completely on you.

How about your friends be they on-line or in person who have supported and stood by you? How have they grown and changed? How have they supported you? How have you all grown together? Look at your life paths and how they have brought you all together now.

What about the love in your life? Have you looked at all the things that had to happen for you both to have found each other? How about all the little things that happened to bring you together? That there is a person out there who loves you is an amazing and very humbling thing. The incredible set of circumstances required to bring you both together is amazing. Think back to where you both came from and the paths your life had to take to bring you both together. All the little decisions (and not so little decisions) made by your love and by their parents to set everything in motion.

What do you see when look at all this in your life? What do you feel? If you are missing any of this by choice, then that is the path you have chosen and let no one tell you it is not right. If you are missing any of this but not through your choice, then stop waiting and set things in motion. Look around! The world is am amazing and magical place! Do not take it or the short time we are in this life for granted. Do not let one moment go by without looking at all the good in your life!

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