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Have you let Love into your life

This may seem like an odd thing to ask. After all, who wouldn't let love into their life? The sad truth is that some people turn away from love. They can put up walls between themselves and those that love them.

Are you doing that? If you looked at your life, would you see that those you love and that love you get all or part of you?  Are both sides giving their all to the relationship?  We all have secrets, after all we are human and we may have things in our life that we are not proud of. Things that we did wrong that we don't share because we will have to relive the episode. Those things are OK but only if they are not the majority of your "stuff".

When you love and are loved, you have made an agreement to share yourself with others. The bad goes along with the good and those who love you will understand.

Take a look at those in your life and make sure you share with them. Having people in your life with whom you can share lightens the burden on all involved and makes for a fuller life.

There will be heartaches along the way. Loves may come and loves may go. Can you truly say you have lived if you haven't loved? What if you were to die tomorrow, would you feel that, in terms of love, that you were successful?

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