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Are you a one-hit wonder

One-hit wonders

Do you remember those? Usually it is used with singers. They have 1 hit, or one album and then vanish off the face of music. Usually to appear later on a reality TV show!

They had a really good idea, got it out there, and that was it. Nothing further was as good as that original song.  Why? What was it that created that first hit?


Was it a single inspiration that gave the hit? Did that inspiration die out, or leave, causing the lack of continuing the trend? Was it just something that hit out of the blue? Why was they only the one?

When it comes to inspiration, you can't force it. If you try too hard, you may just push that success away. And, if you are trying that hard, then you have taken the fun out of it. Once you have done that, do you still want to keep doing this?


Are they now afraid of the success they have created? Do they truly want it or do they subconsciously sabotage themselves? Fear can be a great motivator, it can also be a great reason for some people to not be motivated. Fear of change, and success is definitely change, can make you want to stay stagnant.

Look around at what you are afraid of and confront it (but do it smart and careful) so it will have no further power over you.

Lack of Confidence

Was the success such a surprise, that it could not happen again. This would be the lightening never strikes twice rule. If it was only a fluke, then it makes sense that it could not happen again. Look at the people in your life who believe in you. Is that belief really baseless? If not, then maybe you should join the crowd and believe in yourself.

Lack of Ideas

Maybe there just were no more ideas. Maybe impatience it the real issue. Sometimes you may get several ideas in a row, sometimes you won't. Have you given it enough time? Set a goal and see if it sounds reasonable. If someone else had set that goal for you, would you be comfortable with it, or would you complain?

New Challenges

Strike out for new challenges. I used to write an on-line newsletter to help others with programming issues, things which I had figured out and thought to share with the larger community. Now I write this blog, have another one on HubPages (, set up a photography business (, set myself up to give technical advice on Ingenio ( and even do Tarot readings at Keen ( I do all of this to do what I really love to do, help others.

Look for your Next Horizon

What is next for you? Where can you move outside of where you are comfortable?  What do you dream of doing? How can you make a living doing it? There are lots of inspirational stories out there of people who have been successful doing just this.

You are not a one-hit wonder. You are a wonder setting off for their next hit. Make it a good one!

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