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Halloween Idea

If you like your cobwebs and spiders for Halloween, then I have a story for you.

Years ago I was doing some decorating in a local building. They had hanging lights (to call them chandeliers would be to make them too fancy). So we grabbed lots and lots of cobwebs and strung them up between the lights.

Next, we did the usual, put spiders on top of the web. In the middle we hung a motion sensitive spider that would drop down.
I looked and we had lots of spiders left and not enough ladders. So I handed out spiders to everyone and told them to thrown them up from underneath, rather than tying to throw them over the top. My thought at the time was that if we tossed them over the top, they would not be seen. So everyone happily tossed spiders up until they stuck in the cobwebs.

Fast forward a couple of days and we come back into the room. Most (about 95%) of the spiders had not fallen to the floor but gravity had done its magic. Some were now hanging down as if they were on webs. If you looked close you could see that there was more than one strand holding them but when someone walks in and there is a spider dangling right in front of them, they don't look that close.

So grab some web, toss up some spiders, and wait for the fun.