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As some of you know I like to cook

So, I thought I would start writing about cooking. Not the normal type of cooking blog but one about quick easy meals. So, these meals will usually involve rice, or pasta. They will be either as a stir fry, simple Italian with pasta and sauce, or made in a crock pot.
So, for this first post I thought I would put in a little trick I use. For today’s meal I simply used about a pound of Italian sausage, some peas, some stew vegetables (frozen in a package), some chopped onion, some green beans, and some Brussels sprouts. These were all put together in the crock pot, sausage on the bottom so it would cook first, and a good amount of water for cooking. This made more of a soup like mixture than a stew. Now cooking vegetables removes some of the nutrients, leaving them in the water. To help retain these vitamins and minerals, once the crock pot cooking was done, I took out enough of the juice to allow me to make rice. I could also have used pasta. The point is rice and pasta will absorb those vitamins and minerals with the fluid so that they are not lost.

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